Section 1: Membership Dues The Board of Directors, with the approval of the members at the regular meeting, shall have the power to fix such membership dues. The Vice-President shall maintain the Club’s membership list, collect dues, and notify members who are in arrears.

Section 2: Membership Date Due The membership due date is September 1st. Prorated fee begins at March 1st. (New Member Only)


Section 1: Executive Officers’ Purpose
Executive Officer are to expect to carry the mantle of the Constitution and abide By-Law. In accordance with the club’s values, Executive Officers shall set no tolerance policy and annual training dates for all crew as well to the member. Executive Officers shall carry out the tasks on the member’s passed proposals. Executive Officers shall appoint four (4) Members-At-Large at the Board of Directors’ meetings. Executive Officers shall be transparent with the members on financials, minutes, proposals, and any matters regarding the clubhouse.

Section 2: President
The President shall be at the meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors. The President shall preserve order and decide parliamentary questions. The President shall fill unexpired terms of office should a vacancy occur subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The President shall be an ex-officio member on all standing committees.

Section 3: Vice-President
During the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President. When the President’s office becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall succeed the President until the next regularly scheduled elections. The Vice-President shall maintain a current and accurate membership list, collect dues, and notify Members who are in arrears of membership dues.

Section 4: Secretary
The Secretary shall record and preserve the minutes of all proceedings of each meeting, including the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence when needed. A copy of minutes from all business meetings shall always be kept on the Club premises and shall be made available to members upon request.

Section 5: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be bonded. The Treasurer shall receive all monies due and maintain all monies in the Club’s bank account. The Treasurer shall pay all bills, keep the club’s account current, and present a financial report at all regular and Board of Directors meetings. The Treasurer shall also keep an account of all possessions and investments. A copy of all previous financial reports shall always be kept on the Club premises and shall be made available to members upon request.


Section 1: The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall minimally have comprised of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairpersons of the Social, Law, and Trustee Committees. A minimum of four (4) members-at-large shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to the Board of Directors as needed. The numbers of board members are fixed at eleven (11). Within the Board of Directors is a President or Vice-President, who is authorized, to conduct the business of the Club on short notice and during emergencies. The minutes of the Board of Directors shall be read at the regular meeting in summation form. The Board shall require the Treasurer to post bound and amount as it may decide.

Section 2: Committees Chairperson(s)
The chairperson shall report an update on the committee’s performance. The chairperson shall coordinate and set dates for committees’ meeting. The chairperson shall create a role with approval by Executive Officers and all members may volunteer for the position.

Section 3: Suspend a member
The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend any member with two-thirds (2/3) of its vote. The suspended member shall have the right to appeal to the law committee and at the membership at the next regular meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present at the meeting is required to uphold the suspension by the Board of Directors.

Section 4: Quorum
A quorum shall be determined by the majority of the board members to present to conduct business.

Section 5: Compensation
Officers may be compensated for their work. The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of compensation.


Section 1: Purpose of the Standing Committees
The purpose is to maintain the club’s integrity and provide fair and speedy trial. The committee of a law, social, and trustee branch shall be led by Chairperson(s) appointed by President and approved by Executive Board. The objective is to promote health, social education, and bilingualism in Deaf Community through the Standing Committees. Each chairperson, in turn, may appoint members to serve on the committee.

Section 2: Law Chairperson’s Role
Chairperson is responsible to maintain by-laws and its legal work be approved by the Member and the Board of Directors. The due process shall be fair and speedy trial. Chairperson is responsible to follow through with the organization’s new policies and keeping up to date with the bylaws. Chairperson shall observe all officers’ practices accordingly to the Constitution. Chairperson shall collect all incident reports from the member. Chairperson shall conduct the judicial process based on Robert’s Rules of Order (RRO).

Section 2A: Law Committees’ Role
The law committee shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate, updated Constitution, bylaws and shall provide a copy to any active member upon request. The role created by a Chairperson must be approved by the Executive Officers with a documented explanation for its purpose.

Section 3: Social Chairperson’s Role
Chairperson is responsible to promote social events through the media and announcements.

Section 3A: Social Committees’ Role
The social committee shall be responsible for all social/athletic activities and shall publicize all events accordingly. The role created by a Chairperson must be approved by the Executive Officers with a documented explanation for its purpose.

Section 4: Trustee Chairperson’s Role
Chairperson is responsible to audit and review all treasurer’s money flow charts, reports and its financial documents to be seen by the member and the Board of Directors.

Section 4A: Trustee Committees’ Role
The trustees committee shall be responsible for the accuracy, verification of the Treasurer’s financial reports, and to report during all member and Board of Directors meetings. The role created by a Chairperson must be approved by the Executive Officers with a documented explanation for its purpose.


Section 1: Election Committee
The Board of Directors shall make an election committee for Executive Officers’ election except Vice President. The election committee shall canvass the membership for candidates willing to serve and their names shall be posted on a prominent bulletin board no later than two weeks prior to the annual meeting in November. Nominations may be made from the floor preceding the election at the annual meeting. The voting shall be by written ballot, a majority constituting an election. Should a lack of majority prevail, a runoff election, shall be held to reduce the number of nominees to the top two. All three officers as elected shall be installed with active members as witness in January.

Section 2: Proxy
Active members who cannot attend an election may vote by proxy by assigning their vote to a member present at that election. The member must provide the name of the member they selected to hold their proxy to the nominations committee at least three days before the election via e-mail or paper signed by the voter. The nominating committee shall make arrangements to count the votes of proxies in a clear and orderly manner.

Section 3: Oath of Office
The oath of office is as follow; “I do hereby pledge myself to abide by the Constitution and By- Laws of the Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf and to faithfully perform the duties of my office to the best of my knowledge and ability.”

Section 4: Qualifications
The qualifications of election to office is determined by the length of continuous membership in the Club as follows: President, three (3) years, Vice-President, one (1) years, Treasurer three (3) years; Secretary, one (1) years. All candidates must have the skills to carry out the Executive Officers’ duties. All candidates must be members in good standing.


Section 1: New Proposed Laws
Members and visitors shall abide by the rules as explicitly stated in the Constitution and By- Laws. New proposed laws passed by the Board of Directors, which have not been adopted into By- Laws, shall be posted within 14 days for members to review and vote the next general meeting. Posting may be email, direct mail, notices on bulletin board and/or on the bar countertop, and handouts.

Section 2: Robert’s Rules of Order (RRO)
Prior to approval of amendment, the Law Chairperson must ensure the new amendment(s) conforms with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 3: House Rules
There may be policies that shall be referred as “House Rules” which contain information regarding the daily operation of the club. Membership dues and compensation for officers and rules of etiquette shall be included in the House Rules as well. The House Rules shall be prominently posted somewhere in the clubhouse and within easy view of members.

Section 4: House Rules Changes
Only the Board of Directors or its Executive Committee may post, amend, or remove wording under the House Rules.


Section 1: Purpose of the Standards Board
A standards board has the responsibility of holding our members accountable for their actions in a way that maintains the standards of Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf while redirecting these actions in a positive and educational way.

Section 2: Organization of Standards Board
The Standards Board is composed of 4 non-board members in addition to the Law Committee. Once the board is assembled, remind these members of the importance to act responsibly and remain their neutrality to set a good example for RRCD.

Section 3: Duties of the Law Committee
• Serve as the Standards Board Chairman
• Select 4 non-board members of RRCD to form Standards Board
• Establish a meeting time for the Standards Board when deemed necessary
• Notify members, who must appear before the board, in writing, 7 days in advance
• Serve as the tiebreaker should the vote end in a tie
• Create an environment of unity, accountability, and pride

Section 4: Judicial Roles
The standards board has three roles within the judicial process:
1. Mediation
2. Hearing
3. Educational sanctions


(By General membership or By Board of Directors)

An officer/board member may be removed for cause, including failure to perform assigned duties, or for inappropriate public conduct as a member of the Board in unfavorable standing.

(By Board of Directors)

By two-thirds (2/3) vote of the board of directors’ present, an officer/board member may be removed.


(By General memberships)

By majority vote of the general membership present, a notice shall be posted within 5 days for members to vote regarding removal of an Officer/Board member at the next members’ meeting which shall held not less than 25 days after the posting nor more than 30 days after posting. Posting of notice may be by email, direct mail, bulletin board, bar countertop, and handouts.

The Officer/Board member in question shall have a reasonable opportunity for a due process rebuttal during the next members’ meeting before voting commences. Failure to appear for the due process rebuttal will automatically commence voting.

PASSED on 9/15/18
REVISED by Law Committee on 9/16/18