D.E.A.R. Standing Rules

Section 1 – Club opening and closing

A – D.E.A.R. shall open every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
B – If bad weather, RRCD may be closed – check your local weather news on TV following “School Closing”


Section 2 – Admission

Member who attends the social events or meetings are to pay $2.00 each time from 9am til 2pm.
$1.00 goes to D.E.A.R. Fund
$1.00 goes to R.R.C.D. Rent
Non-Member = $5.00 (not a member of R.R.C.D.) every visit
($3.00 goes to D.E.A.R. and $2.00 goes to R.R.C.D.)
Visitor = 1st time visit at no charge.
After first visit, if he/she does not want to become a D.E.A.R. member, he/she pays $5.00 each time.
Member shall bring their own lunch, but are not allowed to bring drinks from outside.


Section 3 – Dessert

2 members may bring desserts. D.E.A.R. Vice-President shall assign 2 members to bring desserts according to D.E.A.R. schedule.
Birthday treat may be provided by D.E.A.R. as 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).


Section 3A – Coffee & Hot Water

Fee = $1.00 goes to D.E.A.R. Fund
D.E.A.R shall buy ground coffee, tea bags, milk, foam cups, etc
D.E.A.R has its own 3 coffee pots (regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee and hot water)


Section 4 – Meals

– One (1) free meals a year (Winter Holiday in December)
– A member or non-member not show up at RRCD, but she/he shows up at the restaurant for holiday lunch or dinner. He/she must pay $2.00. Non-Member also pays $5.00.
– 25 times attendance from September 1st to August 31st = (free)
15 times thru 24 times attendance = half-price of the meal
14 times and under attendance = full-price of the meal


Section 5 – Deceased Member Donation

If a deceased member had attended at least 3 years and 25 times each year.
We shall donate $25.00 (Twenty-five dollars) to a D.E.A.R. deceased member’s family (spouse or son/daughter only).


Section 5A – Approval or Permission

Under $50.00 = shall not need to ask the members for permission or approval.
Over $50.00 = shall ask the members for permission or approval.


Section 6 – Admission/Coffee/Bar Person

The Admission Person shall:
a) Collect admission fees
b) Make coffee & hot water
c) Clean up the coffee pots, etc…
d) Serve as bartender and be responsible for inventory and selling.
e) Keep cleaning up at RRCD area before closing


Section 7 – Bonus for Officers

$50.00 per person as Christmas bonus every year for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Admission person shall receive $100.00


Section 8 – Warning Ruling

Any foul language or fighting/hot argument is not allowed and shall be given a warning after 3 times. He/she shall be suspended for 3 months. If it happens again, he/she will be suspended including all events and meals for a year. Any compliant or grievance, the person must write a letter and/or talk in person to the president and vice-president or talk in person.


Section 9 – Resignation

If a member of Board of Directors of D.E.A.R. resigns, he/she is requested to write a letter of resignation and hand it to the D.E.A.R. President.


Section 10 – Robert’s Rules of Order

Vice-President may borrow Robert’s Rules of Order book from RRCD


Section 11 – Nursing Home / Assisted Living Nursing

a) Waive the membership fee
b) Still pay $3.00 for the admission fee
c) An aide who with person shall not pay the admission fee




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