D.E.A.R. Bylaws

Article I

Section 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be Deaf Elders Around Rochester (D.E.A.R), first established in September 1974.

Article II

Section 1 – Purpose

D.E.A.R. shall be organized to bring Deaf Elders Around Rochester together for the purpose of socializing, being together for the fun and promoting fellowship.


Section 2 – Objectives

a) To become fully aware of the role of D.E.A.R. in education, home, community and society.
b) To build communication links among D.E.A.R. in the deaf community.

Article III

Membership Dues

D.E.A.R. member shall pay annual R.R.C.D.’s membership dues in September.
a) Shall be able to hold offices, serve on D.E.A.R. committees and be entitled to one (1) vote each on D.E.A.R. matters during General Meetings.
b) Shall receive admission privileges to D.E.A.R events.

Article IV

Meetings and Quorum

a) The general meeting shall be held at least 2 times a year unless a special meeting or emergency comes up.
b) A quorum shall be at least 10 members at the meeting.

Article V

Section 1 – Board of Directors

Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general management of D.E.A.R. and show support by:
a) Attending and participating in D.E.A.R programs, events and meetings.
b) Shall be composed of 8 including 4 officers, and 2 law committee members and 2 auditors
c) Shall be a R.R.C.D. (Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf) member


Section 2 – Terms

a) Each term shall be 2 years.
b) Each term shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st.


Section 3 – Elections

a) Election of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall take place in September.
b) Current Board members are eligible to vote for the new officers at the general meeting in September.
c) Elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall name law committee and auditors.
d) Ballots are to be written.
e) President/Treasurer shall not be as “spouse, partner, or couple”
f) Under 50 years old shall not eligible hold offices, but may serve on committee.

Article VI

Duties of the Board of Directors

The President shall:
a) Be the presiding officer of D.E.A.R. and oversee its general management.
b) Preside at all meetings of D.E.A.R. and the Board of Directors’ meetings.


The Vice-President shall:
a) Act as President in the absence of the President
b) Keep the Robert’s Rules of Order book for the general meeting.
c) Be a Law chairperson for By-Laws and Standing Rules
d) Appoint 2 Law Committees with the Board’s approval


The Secretary shall:
a) Keep the minutes of all Board and general meetings
b) Handle all correspondence and greeting cards.
c) Keep history in file
d) Send a copy to Law Committee after making changes on the minutes.


The Treasurer shall:
a) Collect and record all monies and dues of D.E.A.R. and pay orders drawn as directed officers and/or members and signed by the President.
b) Keep records.
c) Have an auditor in case of vacation or sickness
d) Appoint 2 Auditors with the Board’s approval


The (2) Law Committee shall:
a) Review new and/or revised By-Laws and Standing Rules.
b) Receive a copy of minutes.


The (2) Auditor shall:
a) audit Treasurer’s report, 4 times a year
b) sign the financial report

Article VII


Upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors and the approval by two-thirds of the membership of this Association, in case of this Association be dissolved, the Treasurer shall transfer all the funds, including deposits and investments, and all other assets and property of the Association, half (1/2) to Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf (R.R.C.D.), and half (1/2) to Rochester School for the Deaf (R.S.D.) for full and unrestricted use and benefits of these said organizations, as its Board of Trustees may direct.


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